Ryde International Plc v London Regional Transport: CA 5 Mar 2004

The landowner had developed land which was then made the subject of compulsory purchase. The court was asked how the compensation was to be calculated. The landowner expected to sell the development as a whole. The respondent argued that the profit which a purchaser would build into that purchase should affect the compensation.
Held: The land was to be valued as a single whole. It was to be calculated as a disturbance loss under 5(6) rather than 5(2).
References: [2004] EWCA Civ 232, Gazette 25-Mar-2004
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Judges: Lord Justice Mance Vice-Chancellor, The Vice-Chancellor Lord Justice Carnwath
Statutes: Land Compensation Act 1961 5(2) 5(6)
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
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