Russell v Shenton: 1842

The cleansing and repairing of drains and sewers is prima facie the duty of him who occupies the premises, and does not devolve upon the owner, merely as such. Therefore a declaration in case fur omitting to cleanse and repair drains and sewers, whereby the plaintiffs adjacent premises suffered damage, is bad on general demurrer if it charge the defendant as the ‘owner and proprietor” of such drains and sewers, unless it also allege some ground of liability. The words ‘owner and proprietor’ do not necessarily import that the party is occupier.


[1842] EngR 72, (1842) 3 QB 449, (1842) 114 ER 579




England and Wales

Land, Utilities

Updated: 15 May 2022; Ref: scu.307027