Rhodes v Allied Dunbar Pension Services Ltd: CA 1989

The intermediate tenant had charged the lease to the bank, which appointed receivers. Both the sub rent and the head rent fell into arrears. The head landlord then served a notice direct on the subtenant requiring him to pay the rent direct to the head landlord. The receiver then levied distress againt the sub tenant. The court held that the right to recover rent was a chose in action, which as a result of the appointment of the recivers assigned the right to receive the rent to the receivers. Because the head landlord knew of the appointment that assignment on the appointment took priority over the head landlord’s own notice (Dearle -v- Hall).
Held: The head landlord’s appeal succeeded. The bank had never gone into possession, and the intermediate tenant was therefore entitled to continue receiving the rents, and the head landlord was able to serve the notice. The appointment of receivers and crystallisation of the bank’s floating charge made no effective difference.
In the context of the mortgagor’s right to receive and retain the income of the mortgaged property without any liability to account to the mortgagor for it, the mortgagor remains in possession of the property ‘only by leave and licence of the mortgagee.’


Nicholls LJ


[1989] EG 70, [1989] 1 WLR 800


Law of Distress Amendment Act 1908 6


England and Wales


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The reality of the agency of a receiver is reflected in the continuity, after the appointment of receivers, of the rateable occupation of the mortgagor through the agency of the receivers. The possession of an agent is to be attributed to that of . .

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