Remondis GmbH and Co KG v Region Hannover: ECJ 21 Dec 2016

ECJ Judgment – Reference for a preliminary ruling – Article 4(2) TEU – Respect for the national identity of the Member States inherent in their fundamental political and constitutional structures, including local and regional self-government – Internal organization of the Member States – Communities Territorial legislation – Legal instrument creating a new public-law entity and organizing the transfer of powers and responsibilities for the performance of public tasks – Public procurement – Directive 2004/18 / EC – Article 1 (2) (a) – Concept of ‘public contract

C-51/15, [2016] EUECJ C-51/15
TEU 4(2), Directive 2004/18/EC 1(2)(a)


Updated: 27 January 2022; Ref: scu.572607