Regina v Wandsworth London Borough Council, Ex Parte O; Leicester City Council, Ex Parte Bhikha: CA 7 Sep 2000

The applicants were immigrants awaiting determination of their applications for exceptional leave to remain, and who came to suffer from serious illness. Each applied for and was refused assistance from their local authority.
Held: The refusals were unlawful. Where circumstances of need arose over and above needs arising from lack of accommodation and funds, then he qualified for assistance irrespective of his immigration status. That status was a matter to be assessed by the Secretary of State, and not by local authorities. The use of the word ‘solely’ in the new section 21(1A) left the local authority with a responsibility for those whose need for care and attention was attributable to a combination of factors, and not simply to destitution and its effects. If the applicant’s need for more care and attention was ‘to any extent made more acute by some circumstance other than the mere lack of accommodation and funds’ e.g. because she is old, ill or disabled, then she is not excluded by section 21(1A).


Simon Brown LJ, Hale LJ


Gazette 07-Sep-2000, [2000] 1 WLR 2539, [2000] EWCA Civ 201, Times 18-Jul-2000




National Assistance Act 1948 21(1A)


England and Wales

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The applicants were asylum seekers, but also had disabilities, and sought housing assistance from the local authorities. The authorities replied that they had no duty to provide housing because of the Immigration Act.
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