Regina v S, Regina v Burt, Regina v Parsons, Regina v Carr, Regina v Hargreaves, Regina v Denton, Regina v Taylor, Regina v Coyne, Regina v H: CACD 19 Dec 2005

The court considered appeals from defendants sentenced to extended terms comprising a custodial term with an extension period and a licence thereafter extended for the protection of the public, and when such extended licence began.
Held: The Home Office had a practice, but had not disclosed its practice. The understanding reflected in the textbooks appeared to need correction where they stated that the extended licence period began on release. The court was of the view that it began to run earlier, at the point where the ordinary sentence period expired and the extended sentence began. That was the natural meaning of the words.

[2006] Crim LR 459, [2005] EWCA Crim 3616, (2006) 170 JP 145, (2006) 170 JPN 234, [2006] 2 Cr App Rep (S) 35
Criminal Justice Act 2003 8227 228
England and Wales

Criminal Sentencing

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