Regina v Moore: CACD 12 May 2003

The applicant had been convicted of contempt of court, but succeeded on appeal. Costs had been ordered in his favour, but the matter had been referred back to the court to consider the extent of its powers on such an occasion.
Held: The making of an award of costs from central funds might be available in exceptional circumstances. One such circumstance could be where the public were not party to the proceedings. Here, it was argued that he would be denied justice unless the court construed its own powers widely enough, and the human rights law required him to have legal assistance of his own choosing. Minelli could not be read so far. In the light of Holden, the court could not read section 13 so widely, and a costs order could not be made.


Rose LJ, Grigson, Beatson JJ


Times 15-May-2003, Gazette 03-Jul-2003


Administration of Justice Act 1960 13(3), European Convention on Human Rights 6


England and Wales


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Contempt of Court, Costs, Human Rights

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