Regina v Leeds Magistrates Court ex parte Serif Systems Limited and Hamilton: Admn 9 Oct 1997

The applicant sought that summonses be set aside as an abuse of process, being begun to embarrass him as he set out to become an MP. Thirty one private summonses had been issued.
Held: Of the summonses to be continued it could not be said that they had no prospect of success or that they were merely technical. Whilst the Director of Public Prosecutions might properly interfere to drop the cases, it was not for the court to do do. Gage J: ‘As to in what circumstances the court will intervene the authorities go no further than to describe those circumstances in general terms, using such words and phrases as oppressive, vexatious, truly oppressive or a manipulation of the court’s process. All the authorities show it will be only in rare and exceptional cases that this court will intervene. ‘


[1997] EWHC Admin 851


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In a very rare case the court will be willing to exercise its supervisory jurisdiction to prevent an abuse of the court process by an action designed with improper motives: ‘There can be no doubt as to the jurisdiction of the Court to interfere . .
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Humphrys was charged with driving while disqualified. The issue was the correctness of the identification by a police constable. In evidence, Humphrys denied that he was the driver, or indeed that he had driven any car during the year in question. . .
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No collateral attack on Jury findigs.
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