Regina v Inland Revenue Commissioners, ex parte MFK Underwriting Agents Ltd: CA 1990

Legitimate Expectation once created not withdrawn

The claimant said that a change of practice by the Revenue was contrary to a legitimate expectation.
Held: The Inland Revenue could not withdraw from a representation if it would cause: substantial unfairness to the applicant; if the conditions for relying upon any such representation were fulfilled; and if holding the Inland Revenue to the representation did not prevent it from exercising its statutory duties.
Fairness was a well-established ingredient of the notion of legitimate expectation. A claim to a legitimate expectation can be based only upon a promise which is ‘clear, unambiguous and devoid of relevant qualification.’ and ‘In so stating these requirements I do not, I hope, diminish or emasculate the valuable, developing doctrine of legitimate expectation. If a public authority so conducts itself as to create a legitimate expectation that a certain course will be followed it would often be unfair if the authority were permitted to follow a different course to the detriment of one who entertained the expectation, particularly if he acted on it. If in private law a body would be in breach of contract in so acting or estopped from so acting a public authority should generally be in no better position. The doctrine of legitimate expectation is rooted in fairness. But fairness is not a one-way street. It imports the notion of equitableness, of fair and open dealing, to which the authority is as much entitled as the citizen.’
The court will only interfere in a decision if the respondents have exercised their discretion unreasonably and in considering that question, the respondents’ judgment is not to be lightly cast aside.

Bingham LJ
[1990] 1 WLR 1545, [1990] 1 All ER 91
England and Wales
Appeal fromRegina v Inland Revenue Commissioners, ex parte MFK Underwriting Agents Ltd 1989
The taxpayer complained of a change in Inland Revenue practice which, it said, went against a legitimate expectation created by the scheme.
Held: Judge J said: ‘There is a detailed procedure for resolving disputes between the Inland Revenue . .

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