Regina v Edwards Books and Art Ltd; 18 Dec 1986

References: [1986] 2 SCR 713, (1986) 35 DLR (4th) 1, 30 CCC (3d) 385, 86 CLLC 14, 55 CR (3d) 193
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Coram: Dickson CJ
Supreme Court of Canada – the limitation of the protected right must be one that ‘it was reasonable for the legislature to impose’, and that the courts were ‘not called upon to substitute judicial opinions for legislative ones as to the place at which to draw a precise line’.
‘a business corporation cannot possess religious beliefs’. And
‘In interpreting and applying the Charter I believe that the courts must be cautious to ensure that it does not simply become an instrument of better situated individuals to roll back legislation which has as its object the improvement of the condition of less advantaged persons’
legislative drafting is a difficult art and Parliament cannot be held to a standard of perfection.
Statutes: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to life, liberty and security
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