Regina v Dianne Senior and Samantha Senior: CA 4 Mar 2004

The defendants appealed convictions for being involved in the illegal importation of cocaine, saying that questioning at the airport before a caution was administered was unlawful. By the time they were asked about the cases, the customs officers already knew that the cases contained drugs. The recorder had said that the questions were standard ones put to all individuals stopped and there was no need for a caution at that stage.
Held: It was sensible before making an arrest to ensure some conection between the suspect luggage and the passenger, and at that point some decision could be made about detention. However each situation had to be looked at in the light of the particular officer’s knowledge at the time. It would not always be correct.


Mr Justice Astill Mr Justice Hooper Lord Justice Potter


[2004] EWCA Crim 454, Times 25-Mar-2004




Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 78


England and Wales


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