Regina v Chief Constable for North Wales Police Area Authority ex parte AB and CD etc: Admn 10 Jul 1997

The police have power to release limited information about offenders. In this case known paedophiles were staying at a campsite, and their criminal record was disclosed to the site owner. There was no harrassment under s3 of the 1968 Act. On any duty of confidence: ‘I have great difficulty in accepting that the information which the NWP held which enabled them to disclose this connection was the subject of any duty of confidence owed to the applicants. But even if it was it seems to me clear that the circumstances were such as to entitle the NWP to make such disclosure. It is hard to imagine circumstances in which the police could acquire information subject to a duty of confidence which would not have entitled them to disclose that information when the public interest required them to do so. This was, as they judged, such a situation and nothing suggests to me that their judgment was unlawful.’ There was no misfeasance in a public office: ‘it cannot be suggested that in the present case the NWP acted with a deliberate and dishonest intention to abuse their powers and with an intention to injure the applicant or with knowledge that they had no power to disclose information to the site owner. All the evidence shows that they acted in a bona fide belief that disclosure was necessary, to the extent made in the public interest.’ However ‘It is not acceptable that those who have undergone the lawful punishment imposed by the court should be the subject of intimidation and private vengeance, harried from parish to parish like paupers under the old Poor Law. It is not only in their interests but in the interest of society as a whole that they should be enabled and if need be helped, to live normal lives. ‘


Lord Bingham CJ and Buxton J


Times 14-Jul-1997, [1997] EWHC Admin 667, [1997] 3 WLR 724




Caravan Sites Act 1968 3, European Convention on Human Rights 8


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