Regina v Birmingham Coroner’s Court Ex Parte Najada: CA 4 Dec 1995

At the inquest, the coroner had quizzed the applicant about his evidence but had not warned him, as he was required to do, about the possibility of self incrimination. The doctor then sought a review of the coroner’s verdict. The coroner now applied to have the judicial review adjourned pending the conclusion of other, criminal proceedings.
Held: It was for the person seeking to have a judicial review adjourned to justify the request. The applicant had a right to have it said that the coroner’s verdict had had A judicial review case should normally to be heard straight away, but it may be delayed to await the outcome of a criminal trial. If the applicant succeded at the criminal trial, the judicial review need not proceed in any event. The judge’s order adjourning the judicial review was upheld.
Neill, Auld, Iain Glidewell LJJ
Times 05-Dec-1995, Ind Summary 04-Dec-1995
England and Wales

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