Regina on the Application of Mahfouz v The Professional Conduct Committee of the General Medical Council: CA 5 Mar 2004

The doctor requested members of the disciplinary tribunal to recuse themselves when, after the first day of the hearing they saw prejudicial material in newspapers which material was not in evidence. They had further declined to allow an adjournment to allow an appeal against their refusal.
Held: The knowledge of prejudicial material was not an absolute bar. The experience and training of the tribunal members was to be taken into account. No sufficient appearance of bias had been shown. However in the circumstances, the Coincil should have adjourned to allow the application to the High Court.
Lord Justice Sedley Lord Justice Waller Lord Justice Carnwath
[2004] EWCA Civ 233, Times 19-Mar-2004, Gazette 01-Apr-2004
England and Wales
Appeal fromMahfouz, Regina (on the Application of) v General Medical Council Admn 27-Jun-2003
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Where justices had become aware that a defendant had previous convictions, the test for whether they should be discharged was whether there was a real danger of bias from such knowledge. Proper allowance to be given for the effect of training given . .
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Councillors Liable for Unlawful Purposes Use
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Appealed toMahfouz, Regina (on the Application of) v General Medical Council Admn 27-Jun-2003
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See AlsoMahfouz v Professional Conduct Committee of General Medical Council CA 25-Mar-2004
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CitedWatson v General Medical Council Admn 26-Aug-2005
The claimant said that the procedure of the fitness to practice panel was unfair in that representations had been accepted by the panel from an expert witness without him having an opportunity to challenge or comment on that evidence.
Held: . .

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