Re Pauling’s Settlement Trusts: ChD 1962

Family money had been placed into a trust to be managed by a bank. It was said that the bank had wrongly advanced money to the daughter allowing her to fritter away large parts of the capital
Held: The bank had misunderstood the power of advancement given, and was liable to replace nearly pounds 15,000 as having been expended in breach of trust for which they could be compelled to account.
Wilberforce J said: ‘The . . court has to consider all the circumstances in which the concurrence of the cestui que trust was given with a view to seeing whether it is fair and equitable that, having given his concurrence, he should afterwards turn round and sue the trustees; . . subject to this, it is not necessary that he should know that what he is concurring in is a breach of trust, provided that he fully understands what he is concurring in, and . . it is not necessary that he should himself have directly benefited by the breach of trust.’
Where a limitation period applies then it it is not open to the court to consider the question of laches.


Wilberforce J


[1962] 1 WLR 86


Trustee Act 1925


England and Wales

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