Re Kershaw’s Application: LT 1975

Two bungalows were to be built in the grounds of a house subject to a restrictive covenant. The tribunal considered the degree of disturbance which would be suffered by the objector neighbours.
Held: The neighbours would ‘suffer considerably from the noise of builder’s vehicles, from the construction of the driveway and by the general disturbance associated with building works’. This would be a considerable disadvantage for up to a year and ‘One of the questions, perhaps the most important question I have to decide, is what weight I should give to this intensive inconvenience and noise generated by builders’ traffic for this very limited period. Clearly for that period the restrictive covenant does secure practical benefits of substantial value or advantage to (the objector). On the other hand, I cannot think that such a literal construction of the section is intended, but rather one should look at the matter in a broader context and regard this as a short term, albeit intensive interference but small and not so substantial in relation to the overall long term enjoyment of the property.’
In principle, protection from short term disturbance arising from construction, although providing a ‘substantial’ benefit during the construction period, had to be looked at in a broader context for the purposes of section 84.


Douglas Frank QC


(1975) 31 Pand CR 187


Law of Property Act 1924 84


England and Wales

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