Re H (Deceased): 1990

The Plaintiff had stabbed his wife to death while acting under a delusion induced by a reaction to a drug that he had been prescribed.
Held: Public policy did not require in every case of the manslaughter of a spouse that the forfeiture rule must be applied. The court should exercise a discretion after careful scrutiny of the facts of each particular case. The court relied on the decision in Gray v Barr, and concluded that had the rule applied it would have exercised its power under section 2 of the Forfeiture Act 1982 to modify the rule to reflect the justice of the case. The court should assess the wrongdoer’s culpability, and ask:- ‘Was Mr H guilty of deliberate, intentional and unlawful violence or threats of violence?’
Peter Gibson J said: ‘Mr Jackson [counsel for the claimant] submits that the forfeiture rule does not apply to every case of manslaughter. He pointed out that cases of manslaughter may vary enormously in gravity from the deliberate to the unintentional, and he submitted that in the light of recent authorities the appropriate test was that propounded by Geoffrey Lane J in Gray and Another v Barr [1970] 2 QB 626, 640: has the person been guilty of deliberate, intentional and unlawful violence or threats of violence? . . There is no authority binding on me that compels me to apply that test to a succession case such as the present case. I must choose between following the decision in Re Giles (Deceased) [[1972] Ch 544] and following Vinelott J in Re K (Deceased) [[1985] FLR 558] in applying the Gray v Barr test. I have no hesitation in taking the latter course. The concepts of public policy are not fixed and immutable. The recent cases show that the courts have come to recognise that so varied are the circumstances which may amount to manslaughter that it would not be just to apply the forfeiture rule in every case of proof of manslaughter.’
Peter Gibson J
[1990] 1 FLR 441
Forfeiture Act 1982 2
England and Wales
AppliedGray v Barr CA 1971
A husband had accidentally shot and killed his wife’s lover after threatening him with a shotgun.
Held: The court confirmed the decision at first instance. He was not liable to be indemnified by his insurers for the losses claimed against him . .

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