Re C (Children): SC 14 Feb 2018

‘This appeal concerns the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. It raises general questions relating to:
(1) the place which the habitual residence of the child occupies in the scheme of that Convention, and
(2) whether and when a wrongful retention of a child may occur if the travelling parent originally left the home State temporarily with the consent of the left-behind parent or under court permission, and the agreed or stipulated time for return has not yet arrived.’ M came from Australia with the two children. F agreed to them staying for a year, but she then sought British Nationality for them, without telling F.
Held: (Lord Kerr dissenting in part, Lord Wilson dissenting) Where, the wrongful action occurred only after the child had acquired the new habitual residence, a summary order for return should not be made. Rather the normal procedures for custody disputes should be used. If there is a pre-emptive denial it would be inconsistent with the aim of the Abduction Convention to provide a swift, prompt and summary remedy designed to restore the status quo ante to insist that the left-behind parent wait until the aeroplane lands on the due date, without the child disembarking, before any complaint can be made about such infringement.

Lady Hale, President, Lord Kerr, Lord Wilson, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hughes
[2018] UKSC 8, [2019] AC 1, [2018] 1 FLR 861, [2018] 2 WLR 683, [2018] 3 All ER 1, [2018] WLR(D) 90, [2018] 2 FCR 733, UKSC 2017/0135
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Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, Child Abduction and Custody Act 1985
England and Wales
At FDRe P and O (Child Abduction: Anticipatory Breach) FD 10-Nov-2016
M and children had come back to England from Australia, and had F’s consent to stay for another year. She then applied for British Citizenship for the children without F’s knowledge. F now sought their return.
Held: The children had become . .
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On 21 March 1990 the mother removed the child, aged two, from Australia, where he had been habitually resident, to England with the intention of permanently residing here. She did so without the knowledge of the father who also resided in Australia . .
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(Child Abduction: Wrongful Retention) A failure by a parent to return a child to his country of residence can constitute a wrongful retention under the Convention. Where both parents have equal status in relation to the child, one parent can not . .
Appeal FromIn Re C (Children) CA 12-Jul-2017
F appealed against refusal of an order requiring M to return their two children to Australia. . .
CitedIn re H (Minors) CA 20-Aug-1990
The Hague Convention did not apply to wrongful acts of removal which had taken place before the 1985 Act came into force.
Lord Donaldson MR said: ‘plainly the Act and Convention can only apply if the child is found in a different State from . .
CitedIn Re H (Minors) (Abduction: Custody Rights) HL 1991
The House addressed the question whether wrongful removal and wrongful retention were mutually exclusive concepts. The issue arose in the context of the commencement date for the 1985 Act as between the two States involved.
Held: For the . .
CitedIn re G (A Minor) (Enforcement of Access Abroad) CA 1993
The Convention did not provide for mutual enforcement of access rights, and when determining matters of access relating to access to children to whom the Convention applied English courts are entitled to apply the Children Act 1989, and to consider . .
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The parents had married under shariah law. They left the US to return to the father’s home country Saudi Arabia. They parted, and the mother brought their son to England against the father’s wishes and in breach of an agreement. The father sought . .
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Two children were born in Norway to a British mother (M) and Norwegian father (F). Having lived in Norway, M brought them to England to stay, but without F’s knowledge or consent. M replied to his application for their return that the children would . .
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The question was whether having removed child to another country by agreement, and later deciding to stay, there is then and there a wrongful retention, or whether his retention of the child cannot in law be wrongful until the date agreed for return . .
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The parents of S were Israeli citizens living in Israel. They had equal parental rights and responsibilities under Israeli law. They brought their two children to England intending to reside here for one year and then return to Israel. The father . .
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CitedRe B (A Minor : Habitual Residence) FD 24-Aug-2016
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