Re C (A Child); FC 29 Sep 2015

References: [2015] EWFC 79
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Coram: Sir James Munby P FD
There had been care proceedings as to C. The mother was treated by a psychiatrist, X, and an associate Y. They also prepared expert reports. M formally complained about X, and the charges having been dismissed, the doctors now sought disclosure of further medical recods from the care proceedings. His medical reputation had been severely damaged by reporting of the complaints.
This case cites:

  • Cited – Tournier -v- National Provincial & Union Bank of England CA ([1924] 1 KB 461, [1923] All ER Rep 550, 130 LT 682)
    The court considered the duty of confidentiality owed by a banker to his client. Bankes LJ said: ‘At the present day I think it may be asserted with confidence that the duty is a legal one arising out of contract, and that the duty is not absolute . .
  • Cited – W -v- Egdell CA (Bailii, [1989] EWCA Civ 13, [1990] Ch 359)
    Bingham LJ said: ‘It has never been doubted that the circumstances here were such as to impose on Dr Egdell a duty of confidence owed to W. He could not lawfully sell the contents of his report to a newspaper . . Nor could he, without a breach of . .

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