Randall v Randall: ChD 30 Jul 2004

The executor sought to set aside gifts made by the deceased, an elderly aunt before her death to his brother, alleging undue influence.
Held: The recipient had acted falsely in failing to declare overpayments of benefits. The deceased had been a difficult and eccentric character. In this case the defendant had failed to rebut the evidential presumption of undue influence. Trust and confidence had been placed by the deceased in the defendant, and the transactions called for an explanation which was not given.
Bartley Jones QC
[2004] EWHC 2258 (Ch), [2005] WTLR 119
CitedRoyal Bank of Scotland v Etridge (No 2); Barclays Bank plc v Harris; Midland Bank plc v Wallace, etc HL 11-Oct-2001
Wives had charged the family homes to secure their husband’s business borrowings, and now resisted possession orders, claiming undue influence.
Held: Undue influence is an equitable protection created to undo the effect of excess influence of . .
CitedAllcard v Skinner CA 1887
The donor had parted with almost all her property. She now sought to have the transaction set aside for undue influence.
Held: Where a wife has entered into a gratuitous transaction with her husband, the burden was on the husband as donee to . .
CitedNiersmans v Pesticcio CA 1-Apr-2004
A house have been given by a man with learning difficulties to her sister. The case appealed an order that undue influence had applied.
Held: The gift failed despite the attempt at independent legal advice. The court reviewed the law of undue . .
CitedZamet v Hyman CA 1961
In considering a claim of undue influence the court referred to relationships where one party owed the other an obligation of candour and protection. A presumption of undue influence arose only where it is proved that the gift was made by the donor . .
CitedHammond v Osborn and Another CA 27-Jun-2002
Where there was any relationship of trust and confidence between parties, and a substantial gift was made by the one in whom that trust was placed, there would be a presumption of undue influence. Undue influence is a matter of public policy. In a . .
CitedBarclays Bank Plc v O’Brien and Another HL 21-Oct-1993
The wife joined in a charge on the family home to secure her husband’s business borrowings. The husband was found to have misrepresented to her the effect of the deed, and the bank had been aware that she might be reluctant to sign the deed.
CitedLangton v Langton and Another ChD 24-Feb-1995
The doctrine of ‘unconscionable bargain’ does not extend to gifts obtained by undue influence. . .
CitedInche Noriah v Shaik Allie Bin Omar PC 1928
Undue influence was alleged against a nephew over his elderly aunt. One solicitor had drafted the deed of gift, and another had witnessed it. The solicitor had established that she understood it and entered into it freely, but had not asked enough . .

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