R Griggs Group Ltd and others v Evans and others (No 2): ChD 12 May 2004

A logo had been created for the claimants, by an independent sub-contractor. They sought assignment of their legal title, but, knowing of the claimant’s interest the copyright was assigned to a third party out of the jurisdiction. The claimant sought an order for its transfer, and an order was so made. Before it was perfected the defendant brought this application, denying that the court had such power in the case of a foreign copyright.
Held: The court had power to hear a new point, but not merely because the parties so agreed. We should treat the fact that the land is situate abroad as affecting the choice of law, not jurisdiction, if the case is one in which it is sought to enforce an equitable claim in personam: ‘a claim to have foreign land conveyed to one, based on an English contract and made against a purchaser of the land with prior notice of that contract, could in principle succeed, provided the foreign law would not overreach our doctrine of notice. It would be a claim in personam, not in rem.’ This case concerned the court’s equitable in personam jurisdiction. As such it was not a breach of international comity to order transfer of the ownership of the foreign copyrights. This avoided the need for a multiplicity of proceedings, and it had not been shown that foreign courts would not respect the order made in equity here. The court did have power to make orders affecting the ownership of foreign intellectual property rights.
Peter Prescott QC
[2004] EWHC 1088 (Ch), Times 27-May-2004, [2005] Ch 153, [2004] FSR 939
Copyright, Patents and Designs Act 1988
England and Wales
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An advertising agency was requested to provide a logo. It employed an independent designer. Who owned the copyright, in this case of the AirWair logo? The defendants had taken an assignment of the copyright from the first author. The claimants . .
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See alsoR Griggs Group Ltd, R Griggs and Co Ltd, Airwair Ltd v Evans, Raben Footwear Pty Ltd, Lewy, Lewy CA 25-Jan-2005
The claimants distributed Doc Marten footwear. They asked an agency to prepare a logo. The agency paid an independent contractor to prepare it, but did not take an assignment of copyright to it. The contractor sold the rights in the logo to the . .

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