Public Relations Consultants Association Ltd v The Newspaper Licensing Agency Ltd and Others: SC 17 Apr 2013

References: [2013] UKSC 18, UKSC 2011/0202, [2013] 3 CMLR 11, [2013] ECDR 10, [2013] 2 All ER 852, [2013] EMLR 21, [2013] RPC 19
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Coram: Lord Neuberger, President, Lord Kerr, Lord Clarke, Lord Sumption, Lord Carnwath
Ratio: The agency alleged copyright infringement by the members of the appellant association who were licensed to copy newspaper articles for its members as part of its news monitoring service.
Held: It was necessary to refer to the European Court of Justice the question of whether article 5.1 of the 2001 Directive, as implemented in section 28A of the 1998 Act are satisfied.
Statutes: Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, Directive 2001/29/EC
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
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