Prendergast v Compton: 21 Dec 1837

Conduct unbecoming a gentleman, in the strict sense of the word, will, it seems, justify a captain of a ship in excluding a passeuger from the cuddy table whom he has engaged by contract to provide for there, but it is difficult to say in what degree want of polish would, in point of law, warrant such exclusion but it is clear that if a passenger use threats of persoual violence towards the captain, the captain may exclude him from the table, and require him to take his meals in his own private apartment. If the husband be excluded from the cuddy table, and the wife, not from compulsion, but from a wish to be with her husband, take her meals with him in private, this will not amount to a breach of contract on the part of the captain so far as regards the wife.

[1837] EngR 1165, (1837) 8 Car and P 454, (1837) 173 ER 572
England and Wales

Contract, Transport

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