Portsmouth Youth Activities Committee (A Charity) v Poppleton: CA 12 Jun 2008

The claimant was injured climbing without ropes (‘bouldering’) at defendant’s activity centre. The defendant appealed against a finding of 25% responsibility in having failed to warn climbers that the existence of thick foam would not remove all risk and might give a false sense of security.
Held: It was not sustainable to say that the risk of being injured despite the presence of the foam was not obvious: ‘no amount of matting will avoid absolutely the risk of possibly severe injury from an awkward fall and that the possibility of an awkward fall is an obvious and inherent risk of this kind of climbing.’ and ‘There being inherent and obvious risks in the activity which Mr Poppleton was voluntarily undertaking, the law did not in my view require the appellants to prevent him from undertaking it, nor to train him or supervise him while he did it, or see that others did so. If the law required training or supervision in this case, it would equally be required for a multitude of other commonplace leisure activities which nevertheless carry with them a degree of obvious inherent risk – as for instance bathing in the sea.’


May LJ, Richards LJ, Sir Paul Kennedy


[2008] EWCA Civ 646




England and Wales


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Negligence, Personal Injury

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