Poeton Industries Ltd and Another v Michael Ikem Horton: CA 26 May 2000

The claimant sought damages and an injunction after their former employee set up in business, using, they said, information about their manufacturing procedures and customers obtained whilst employed by them. The defendant appealed the injunction granted in respect of the use of production techniques (electro-plating).
Held: The employer had not done enough to establish that the imformation he sought to protect was confidential and the injunction was discharged.


[2000] EWCA Civ 180




England and Wales


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Requirememts to prove breach of confidence
A claim was made for breach of confidence in respect of technical information whose value was commercial.
Held: Megarry J set out three elements which will normally be required if, apart from contract, a case of breach of confidence is to . .
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Nature of Confidentiality in Information
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Held: The . .
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