Peter Bezkorowajny v Keith Ernest John Dawson, Ruth Lorraine Dawson (Adverse Possession : Successive Squatters): LRA 31 Oct 2011

LRA Previous squatter held to have acquired possessory title to land. Current possessor in possession from before the death in 2003 of the previous squatter, initially on his behalf. Current possessor held to have been allowed to retain possession by the personal representative of previous squatter, with the intention that he should take it over from him, but no vesting assent to the land was executed. Paper title owner’s title held to have been extinguished as against the current possessor whether or not the current possessor was to be treated as a successor in title of the previous squatter.

Michael Mark
[2011] EWLandRA 2011 – 0521

Registered Land

Updated: 25 November 2021; Ref: scu.517437