Pallant v Morgan: ChD 1952

The agents of two neighbouring landowners orally agreed in the auction room that the plaintiff’s agent would refrain from bidding at auction and that the defendant, if his agent’s bid was successful, would divide the land according to an agreed formula, the details of which were to be agreed later. The defendant’s agent was successful, but when the parties failed to agree on the details of division the defendant retained the whole of the land for himself.
Held: Although the agreement was incomplete in its detail and too uncertain to be specifically enforceable, the defendant held the land on trust for himself and the plaintiff jointly, since his agent had made the bid on behalf of himself and the plaintiff’s agent on the basis of an agreement for division and it would amount to sanctioning a fraud on the defendant’s part to allow him to retain it.
Harman J said: ‘The plaintiff and the defendant have failed to agree on a division, and the court cannot compel them to agree. The best it can do is to decree that the property is held by the defendant for himself and the plaintiff jointly, and if they still fail to agree on a division the property must be resold, either party being at liberty to bid, and the proceeds of sale divided equally after repaying to the defendant the andpound;1,000 which he paid.’


Harman J


[1953] Ch 43, [1952] 2 All ER 951


England and Wales

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