Olympic Airlines Sa v ACG Acquisition XX Llc: CA 17 Apr 2013

References: [2013] EWCA Civ 369
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Coram: Rix, Tomlinson, Kitchin LJJ
Ratio: The parties disputed their mutual obligations under aircraft leasing agreements. The insolvent airline said that in signing to accept the condition of the aircraft on delivery, it had not created an estoppel against itself when the aircraft later proved faulty.
Held: The appeal failed, though the result was upheld on different grounds. Aircraft necessarily or accepted and delivered without the full condition being known: ‘the parties know that neither can be absolutely certain of an aircraft’s condition at the point at which the lessee is called upon to accept delivery and the on-going risk. That commercial parties should in such a situation strive to achieve finality in relation to the allocation of risk and responsibility is a commonplace.’ Given the extensive access allowed before acceptance to survey the aircraft, the parties must have intended the condition certificate to be final.
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
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  • Appeal from – ACG Acquisition Xx Llc v Olympic Airlines ComC (Bailii, [2012] EWHC 1070 (Comm))
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  • See Also – ACG Acquisition Xx Llc v Olympic Airlines Sa ComC (Bailii, [2010] EWHC 923 (Comm), [2010] 1 CLC 581)
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