Novitskaya v London Borough of Brent and Another: CA 1 Dec 2009

The claimant appealed refusal of her claim for arrears of housing benefit.
Held: The appeal was allowed. The claim had been defective in having been made informally, but ‘the distribution of benefits is different from many other areas of civil law. It is concerned not simply with recognising rights or enforcing liabilities but also with sustaining members of the community whom Parliament has decided should be sustained through the welfare state.
Accordingly, where provision is made for defective claims, the function of ‘a claim’ is not only to meet conditions on which some right to a benefit depends. It may have a lesser objective, namely that of placing the authority which is required to scrutinise a claim in a position to know that a claim for a particular benefit is being made.
Here the provision to allow defective claims placed in the authority a duty to scrutinise a claim to establish what claims were included. There was no need for a claimant always expressly to set out each benefit claimed.

Lord Justice Mummery, Lady Justice Arden and Lord Justice Elias
[2009] EWCA Civ 1260, Times 27-Jan-2010, [2009] NPC 137
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England and Wales
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