North West Lancashire Health Authority v A D and G: CA 29 Jul 1999

A decision not to fund gender re-assignment surgery was operated as a blanket policy without proper regard for individual cases and so was unlawful as an effective fetter on the discretion which the Health Authority was obliged to exercise. A lawful policy giving low priority was possible if it recognised clinical need and treated each request on its merits.
Auld LJ said: ‘it is an unhappy but unavoidable feature of state funded health care that regional health authorities have to establish certain priorities in funding different treatments from their finite resources. It is natural that each authority, in establishing its own priorities, will give greater priority to life-threatening and other grave illnesses than to others obviously less demanding of medical intervention. The precise allocation and weighting of priorities is clearly a matter of judgment for each authority, keeping well in mind its statutory obligations to meet the reasonable requirements of all those within its area for which it is responsible.’ A policy which allows for exceptions in undefined exceptional circumstances is not unlawful ‘provided that the policy genuinely recognises the possibility of there being an overriding clinical need and requires each request for treatment to be considered on its individual merits.’


Auld LJ, Buxton LJ


Times 24-Aug-1999, [1999] EWCA Civ 2022, [2000] 1 WLR 977




England and Wales


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