Nestle v National Westminster Bank: CA 6 May 1992

The claimant said that the defendant bank as trustee of her late father’s estate had been negligent in its investment of trust assets.
Held: The claimant had failed to establish either a breach of trust or any loss flowing from it, though there was not much for the bank to be proud of in its administration of the trusts.

Dillon, Staughton, Leggatt LJJ
[1992] EWCA Civ 12, [1993] 1 WLR 1260, [1994] 1 All ER 118
Aministration of Justice Act 1985 50
England and Wales
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(Year?) Cotton LJ discussed a power to invest ‘upon the debentures or securities of any railway or other public company’ and said:- ‘It is true that he refers to railway companies, but he also adds, ‘or any other public company’; and I think it . .
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A trustee is required to use the same degree of prudence and diligence as a person of ordinary prudence would have done if he had been conducting his own affairs. . .
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Damages for wrongful dismissal could not confer on an employee extra benefits that the contract did not oblige the employer to confer. There is a clear distinction between expectations, however reasonable, and contractual obligations.
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Trustee’s duties in relation to investments
Within the National Coal Board Pension scheme, the trustees appointed by the NCB were concerned at the activities of the trustees of the miners, and sought directions from the court. The defendants refused to allow any funds to be invested abroad. . .

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Wills and Probate, Financial Services, Negligence

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