Neath Rural District Council v Williams: QBD 1951

A watercourse became silted by natural causes and the local authority served an abatement notice on the landowner, who failed to respond, and when prosecuted relied on a proviso which excluded from liability ‘any person other than the person by whose act or default the nuisance arises or continues.’
Held: Absent any relevant legal duty on him under statute or at common law to take positive action to remove the nuisance, the defendant was not in ‘default’.
Lord Goddard CJ said: ‘In my opinion what we have to consider is whether the obstruction in the present case was caused and was continued by the act or default of the defendants, and not whether it was caused and continued through their act, default, or sufferance. I cannot construe the word ‘default’ here in the way in which we have been asked to construe it by the Rural District Council. I do not think that in this case ‘default’ could mean merely doing nothing, unless an obligation to do something were imposed by the Act. There is no act of the defendants which caused the obstruction either to arise or continue. I can well understand that there might be a case where it might be said that a person who failed to do something which he ought to have done, such for instance as failing to prevent obstructive matter from going into a river from his own premises, had caused obstruction by his default. In the present case, on the facts found by the justices, there is nothing to show that the defendants did anything which caused this obstruction to arise or to continue; nor do I think that there is anything which can properly be called a default on their part.’


Lord Goddard CJ


[1951] 1 KB 115


Public Health Act 1936 93 259(1)(b)


England and Wales

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