Nationwide Building Society v Dunlop Haywards (HLl) Ltd (T/A Dunlop Heywood Lorenz) and Cobbetts: ComC 18 Feb 2009

The claimant had leant money on a property fraudulently overvalued by an employee of the now insolvent first defendant. A contribution order had been agreed by the solicitors. The court heard applications by the claimants and the solicitors against the insolvent company.
Held: Given the nature and size of the fraud, it was inevitable and proper that the claimant would expend serious resources both to investigate this matter and in review of its procedures. Publicity about the case also led to a loss of confidence in the claimant and its need for rescue and merger, and substantial associated financial losses. The defendant solicitors had failed to note and report the indicia of fraud and were negligent, but the different basis of claim left them at risk of a wider liability than the principal in seeking a contribution. The Court should examine the nature and extent of the defendants’ common liability when determining whether two defendants are liable for the same damage, and ‘It seems to me neither just nor equitable that the amount of contribution which Cobbetts are to be ordered to make should be assessed by treating the damage for which both defendants are responsible as the totality of the claimant’s loss, ignoring contributory negligence, when the only reason for ignoring it is that the claim against DHL is in deceit. To do so would be to visit on Cobbetts the approach taken by the Court, partly for reasons of deterrence, against fraudsters, when Cobbetts are innocent of any fraud.’

Christopher Clarke J
[2009] EWHC 254 (Comm)
Civil Liability (Contribution) Act 1978 1
England and Wales
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A company may be able to claim for the wasted time spent by its staff investigating the matter at issue without having to show additional expenditure or loss of revenue or profit. . .
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