National Provincial Bank Ltd v Hastings Car Mart Ltd: CA 1964

The purpose and effect of section 70(1)(g) of the Land Registration Act 1925 was to make applicable to registered land the same rule as previously had been held to apply to unregistered land. (Russell LJ, Dissenting) ‘Nor should the mind be in any way distracted by the fact that the owner of the rights under section 70(1) (g) is identified as a person in actual occupation. It is the rights of such a person which constitute the overriding interest and must be examined, not his occupation.’

Lord Denning MR, Russell LJ
[1964] Ch 665
Land Registration Act 1925 70(1)(g)
England and Wales
Appeal fromNational Provincial Bank Ltd v Hastings Car Mart Ltd ChD 27-Mar-1963
Cross J set out the nature of overriding interests: ‘Overriding interests are, speaking generally, matters which are not usually shown on title deeds or mentioned in abstracts of title and as to which, in consequence, it is not possible to form a . .

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Wife in Occupation had Overriding Interest
The wife had made a substantial financial contribution to the purchase price of the house which was registered only in her husband’s name, and charged to the bank. The bank sought possession. The wife resisted saying that she had an overriding . .
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The significance of the distinction between occupation and rights was that although the deserted wife was in actual occupation of the former matrimonial home, the quality of her rights was not such as to be capable of amounting to an overriding . .
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An option to purchase the reversion contained in a seven-year lease was protected under s. 70(1) by virtue of the tenant’s occupation under the lease. ‘It is vital . . . to bear in mind that what we are seeking to ascertain at present is whether . .
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A person in actual occupation of registered land at time of transfer can enforce his rights against the transferee. A sub-underlessee in occupation of part could enforce an option to purchase against the freeholder acquiring intermediate registered . .
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Appeal fromNational Provincial Bank v Ainsworth HL 13-May-1965
The respondent stayed on in the family home owned by her husband after he had left, and resisted a possession order sought by the chargee. The husband had charged the house as security for his business debts.
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