National Provident Institution v Customs and Excise: VDT 18 Feb 2005

VDT VALUE ADDED TAX – input tax -Appellant made exempt supplies of finance (the sale of securities) outside the member states with a right to recovery of input tax (specified supplies) as well as taxable and exempt supplies – no goods or services supplied to the Appellant were used exclusively in making specified supplies – whether the input tax on goods or services used in part in making specified supplies was to be attributed to specified supplies by first estimating the percentage of employees engaged in all dealings with securities; then applying that percentage to the amount of residual input tax; and then reducing that amount by a further percentage which was calculated by reference to the values of specified supplies in relation to the value of total supplies of dealing in securities – no – or by reference to the proportion which the value of the specified supplies bore to the value of total supplies – yes – appeal on this issue allowed but figures not yet determined – VATA 1994 Ss 24-26; VAT (Input Tax) (Specified Supplies) Order 1992 SI 1992 No. 3123; VAT General Regulations 1995 SI 1995 No. 2518 Regs 101 to 103.
VALUE ADDED TAX – time limits – whether an assessment to recover a repayment of tax had been made within three years after the end of the prescribed accounting period – no – whether some assessments of tax were made within one year after evidence of facts sufficient to justify the making of the assessments came to the knowledge of Customs and Excise – no – whether some assessments of interest previously paid by Customs and Excise to the Appellant were made within two years after evidence of facts came to the knowledge of Customs and Excise – no – appeals on this issue allowed – VATA 1994 S73(2) and (6); s 77(1)(a); and s 78A(2)
[2005] UKVAT V18944
England and Wales

Updated: 22 January 2021; Ref: scu.223181