National Association of Health Stores and Another, Regina (on the Application of) v Department of Health: CA 22 Feb 2005

Applications were made to strike down regulations governing the use of the herbal product kava-kava.
Held: The omission of any transtitional provisions had not affected anyone. Nor was the failure to consult as to the possibility of dealing with the issue by use of a warning label fatal to the regulations. The Minister’s own personal ignorance of certain research did not invalidate the orders. The advice given to the minister had not been produced, and the parties were content to accept the accuracy of the description given of it, but ‘we would have required the briefing to be produced. The best evidence rule is not simply a handy tool in the litigator’s kit. It is a means by which the court tries to ensure that it is working on authentic materials. What a witness perfectly honestly makes of a document is frequently not what the court makes of it. In the absence of any public interest in non-disclosure, a policy of non-production becomes untenable if the state is allowed to waive it at will by tendering its own precis instead. ‘ Appeal dismissed


Lord Justice Keene Lord Justice Sedley Mr Justice Bennett Lord Justice Keene Lord Justice Sedley Mr Justice Bennett


[2005] EWCA Civ 154, Times 09-Mar-2005




Medicines Act 1968, Food Safety Act 1999


England and Wales


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