Nasseri v The United Kingdom: ECHR 23 Sep 2013

Questions set for the parties

24239/09 – Communicated Case, [2013] ECHR 967
European Convention on Human Rights, Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc.) Act 2004 Sch 3 3(2)(b)
At First InstanceNasseri v Secretary of State for the Home Department Admn 2-Jul-2007
The applicant had sought and been refused asylum. He was found to have come via Greece, and steps were put in place to return him there. He now complained that the provision which allowed no discretion to the respondent to look at his case when the . .
At Court of AppealSecretary of State for the Home Department v JN CA 14-May-2008
The Secretary of State appealed against a declaration that paragraph 3(2)(b) of Part 2 of Schedule 3 to the 2004 Act was incompatible with Article 3. The clause was said to restrict the Home Secretary from considering anything beyond the country . .
At House of LordsSecretary of State for the Home Department v Nasseri HL 6-May-2009
The applicant had claimed asylum after fleeing Afghanistan to Greece and then to the UK. On the failure of his application, he would be returned to Greece, but objected that he would thence be returned to Afghanistan where his human rights would be . .

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