Napier and Another v Pressdram Ltd: CA 19 May 2009

The claimant solicitors appealed against the refusal to grant them an injunction to prevent the publication of the outcome of a complaint against them to the Law society, and of the Ombudsman’s report. They said that the material remained confidential.
Held: There had been confusion about the way the complaints scheme operated, and as to what was and was not confidential. It was the practice of the Law Society not to publish its adjudication, but that was a policy choice rather than because of any legal duty not to do so. Nor could the complainant be said to have subscribed to any obligation of confidentiality, or the Law Society have imposed one. There was no basis for requiring the complainant not to publish the results of the complaint as he wished.
Toulson LJ said: ‘For a duty of confidentiality to be owed (other than under a contract or statute), the information in question must be of a nature and obtained in circumstances such that any reasonable person in the position of the recipient ought to recognise that it should be treated as confidential. As Cross J observed in Printers and Finishers Limited v Holloway [1965] RPC 239, 256, the law would defeat its own object if it seeks to enforce in this field standards which would be rejected by the ordinary person. Freedom to report the truth is a precious thing both for the liberty of the individual (the libertarian principle) and for the sake of wider society (the democratic principle), and it would be unduly eroded if the law of confidentiality were to prevent a person from reporting facts which a reasonable person in his position would not perceive to be confidential.’

Hughes LJ, Toulson LJ, Sullivan LJ
[2009] EWCA Civ 443, Times 02-Jun-2009, [2009] EMLR 21, [2010] 1 WLR 934
England and Wales
CitedCream Holdings Limited and others v Banerjee and others HL 14-Oct-2004
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Requirememts to prove breach of confidence
A claim was made for breach of confidence in respect of technical information whose value was commercial.
Held: Megarry J set out three elements which will normally be required if, apart from contract, a case of breach of confidence is to . .
CitedDepartment of Economic Policy and Development of City of Moscow and Another v Bankers Trust Company and Another CA 25-Mar-2004
The word ‘private’ in rule 39.2 means the same as ‘secret’. Lord Justice Mance said: ‘It may be equated with the old ‘in camera’ procedure, rather than the old ‘in chambers’ procedure.’ Privacy and confidentiality are features long assumed to be . .

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