Murdoch’s Trustees v Weir and Others: HL 6 Feb 1908

A testator directed that the residue of his estate should be employed in the relief of persons who, with other qualifications, had ‘shown practical sympathy in the pursuits of science.’
Per Lord Chancellor-‘All that can be required is that the description of the classes to be benefited shall be sufficiently certain to enable men of common sense to carry out the expressed wishes of the testator. . . Persons who have shown practical sympathy in an object obviously are persons who have given time or money, or made some sort of sacrifice to further it. I am satisfied the trustees, or failing them the Court, would find no difficulty in giving effect to the bequest.’


Lord Chancellor (Loreburn), Lord Macnaghten, Lord Robertson, and Lord Atkinson


[1908] UKHL 335, 45 SLR 335




England and Wales

Wills and Probate, Charity

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