Mott, Regina (on The Application of) v The Environment Agency and Another: Admn 13 Feb 2015

The claimant challenged new conditions imposed on licences to operate his salmon fishery in the Severn Estuary, which operated to defeat his tenancy of the fishery.
Held: The request for review succeeded. The decisions to impose the catch conditions were irrational, as the Report did not provide a reasonable basis for the view that the putcher installations were having a material effect on the salmon fishery in the river Wye. Further, the Agency could not under A1P1 properly have imposed the conditions, if otherwise lawful, without payment of compensation.
There was an appropriate need for some regulation, but the evidence suggested that the Agency had given no effective consideration to the effect of the new terms on the claimant’s livelihood, and ‘even if the Agency could properly have imposed the total catch limit that it did, the size of that limit and the way in which it was apportioned would still have meant that the claimant has been required to shoulder an excessive and disproportionate burden, such that a breach of A1P1 could only be prevented by payment of compensation.’
The judge referred to a sentence in the Habitats Regulations Assessment for 2013 which explained that under the new regime ‘the catch by the most productive estuary fisheries will be restricted to the approximate long-term de minimus (sic) catch.’, saying: ‘The final sentence quoted above was explained as meaning that the number of fish allowed per licence was set as being approximately the ten year average catch of the least productive of all the fisheries licensed. The practical result for the claimant is that his fishery of 650 putchers is given the same catch allocation as the smallest and least effective of the other putcher fisheries, which may operate 50 baskets or less. These he says are not commercially viable but operated only as a hobby. Plainly, the heaviest impact of this policy falls on the claimant who relies on the fishery for his living rather than the smaller operators.’

Cooke HHJ
[2015] EWHC 314 (Admin), [2016] Env LR 27
European Convention on Human Rights A1P1
England and Wales
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Appeal fromMott, Regina (on The Application of) v Environment Agency and Another CA 17-Jun-2016
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