Monarch Steamship Co Ltd v Karlshamns Oljefabriker A/B: HL 1949

Damages were sought for breach of contract.
Held: After reviewing the authorities on remoteness of damage, the court reaffirmed the broad general rule that a party injured by the other’s breach of contract is entitled to such money compensation as will put him in the position in which he would have been but for the breach. The matters did not depend on the differences (if any) between contract and tort in that connection. The reasonable contemplation as to damages was what the court attributed to the parties and the question in such a case must always be what reasonable business men must be taken to have contemplated as the natural or probable result if the contract was broken. The question of whether the damage was foreseeable is a question of fact.
Lord Wright said: ‘Causation is a mental concept, generally based on inference or induction from uniformity of sequence as between two events that there is a causal connection between them . . The common law, however, is not concerned with philosophic speculation, but is only concerned with ordinary everyday life and thoughts and expressions . .’

Lord Wright
[1949] AC 196, [1948] UKHL 1, 65 TLR 217, 1949 SC (HL) 1, [1949] AC 196, 1949 SLT 51, (1948-49) 82 Ll L Rep 137, [1949] LJR 772, [1949] 1 All ER 1
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Damages, Negligence, Contract

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