Ministry of Defence (Central Government): ICO 12 Mar 2019

The complainant submitted three requests to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) about the procurement of a particular contract. The MOD disclosed some information falling within the scope of the request but sought to withhold further information on the basis of sections 21 (information reasonably accessible to the requester), 40 (personal data), 41 (information provided in confidence), 44(1)(b) (statutory prohibition), 26(1)(b) (defence), 38 (health and safety) and 43(2) (commercial interests) of FOIA. The Commissioner has concluded that the information which the MOD is seeking to withhold is exempt from disclosure on the basis of sections 26(1)(b), 43(2) and 40(2) of FOIA.
FOI 43: Complaint not upheld FOI 26: Complaint not upheld FOI 40: Complaint not upheld


[2019] UKICO fs50797778




England and Wales


Updated: 05 August 2022; Ref: scu.635089