Mersey Care NHS Trust v Ackroyd: CA 21 Feb 2007

The defendant journalist had published confidential material obtained from the claimant’s secure hospital at Ashworth. The hospital now appealed against the refusal of an order for him to to disclose his source.
Held: The appeal failed. Given that over 200 people may have been the source, the claimant’s argument based on the burden on fellow employees of suspicion failed. In essence whether an order for disclosure was to be made was a matter of discretion for the judge at first instance, and the appeal court’s role would be limited. The judge had taken into account all the relevant factors, and was particularly free to conclude that things had moved on in the considerable delay since the original disclosure. This did not suggest any reduction in the respect to be given to the confidentiality of health records.
Sir Anthony Clarke MR, Lord Neiberger of Abbotsbury, Leveson LJ
[2007] EWCA Civ 101, 94 BMLR 84, [2008] EMLR 1, [2007] HRLR 19
Contempt of Court Act 1981 10
England and Wales
See AlsoAshworth Security Hospital v MGN Limited HL 27-Jun-2002
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[2002] EWHC 2115 (QB)
CitedAckroyd v Mersey Care NHS Trust CA 16-May-2003
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CitedFinancial Times Ltd and others v Interbrew SA CA 8-Mar-2002
The appellants appealed against orders for delivery up of papers belonging to the claimant. The paper was a market sensitive report which had been stolen and doctored before being handed to the appellant.
Held: The Ashworth Hospital case . .
Times 21-Mar-02, Gazette 18-Apr-02, [2002] EWCA Civ 274, [2002] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 229, [2002] EMLR 446
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CitedMcCartan Turkington Breen (A Firm) v Times Newspapers Limited HL 2-Nov-2000
(Northern Ireland) The defendant reported a press conference at which the claims denying the criminal responsibility of an army private were made. The report was severely critical of the claimants, who then sued in defamation. The defendants claimed . .
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The appellant had published a ‘Little Red Schoolbook’. He was convicted under the 1959 and 1964 Acts on the basis that the book was obscene, it tending to deprave and corrupt its target audience, children. The book claimed that it was intended to . .
5493/72, (1976) 1 EHRR 737, [1976] ECHR 5

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CitedIndependent Police Complaints Commission v Warner and Others QBD 17-Feb-2012
The applicant had mistakenly disclosed confidential personal information in answer to a data request. It sought an injunction restricting its redistribution after the recipient refused to return it and threatened to pass it on. The defendant said . .
[2012] EWHC 271 (QB)

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