Media Cat Ltd v Adams and Others: PCC 18 Apr 2011

The claimants had begun copyright infringement cases. Having been refused a request to be allowed to withdraw the cases as an abuse, their solicitors now faced an application for a wasted costs order.
Held: The court only has jurisdiction to make a wasted costs order when the impugned conduct has caused a waste of costs and only to the extent of such costs wasted. A causal link is essential. There is both a merits and a proportionality test. There were several doubts about the methods chosen by the original claimants and their solicitors but a court on a wasted costs should be cautious so as to avoid satellite litigation. Stage 1 wasted costs orders were made, but limited to issues as to revenue sharing and the service of the notices of discontinuance, later found to havd been an abuse of process. Furthermore, there was a good arguable case that ACS:Law / Mr Crossley woud be liable for the costs of this case and he was added as a party for that purpose.

Birss QC J
[2011] EWPCC 10, [2011] FSR 29
Superior Courts Act 1981 51(6), Civil Procedure Rules 48 53.4
England and Wales
Principal judgmentMedia CAT Ltd v Adams and Others PCC 8-Feb-2011
The claimants had begun copyright infringement proceedings claiming that they represented the rights holders in pornographic films said to have been file shared by the defendants. Faced with insuperable difficulties, they purported to withdraw the . .
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Innocent third Party May still have duty to assist
The plaintiffs sought discovery from the defendants of documents received by them innocently in the exercise of their statutory functions. They sought to identify people who had been importing drugs unlawfully manufactured in breach of their . .
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Graham J addressed the question of whether a Dutch defendant who consigned furazolidone by air from Holland on terms cif Gatwick but denied liability for patent infringement was liable in English patent proceedings.
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. .
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Guidance for Wasted Costs Orders
Guidance was given on the circumstances required for the making of wasted costs orders against legal advisers. A judge invited to make an order arising out of an advocate’s conduct of court proceedings must make full allowance for the fact that an . .
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The appellants were barristers against whom wasted costs orders had been made. They appealed. They had made allegations of fraud in pleadings, but without being able to provide evidence to support the allegation. This was itself a breach of the Bar . .
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Etherton J considered a wasted costs order application.
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The court set aside a first stage wasted costs order made by the judge below against the solicitors Reynolds Porter Chamberlain. The judge had been given no indication of the costs claimed and did not have material on which he could form a view as . .
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The claimant sought to make use of the Request for Judgment procedure.
Held: The procedure was not appropriate in this case. There were sufficient disturbing circumstances about the case to warrant a further on notice hearing. . .
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