McDonald v McDonald and Others: SC 15 Jun 2016

Her parents had bought a house and granted tenancies to their adult daughter (the appellant), who suffered a personality disorder. They became unable to repay the mortgage. Receivers were appointed but the appellant fell into arrears with the rent. The receivers began possession proceedings, and a possession order was made and confirmed. She appealed saying that the judge should have asked as to the proportionality of granting possession under article 8 and, had he done so may have refused to grant possession against her despite the apparently mandatory terms of section 21(4) of the 1988 Act and section 89(1) of the 1980 Act limiting any postponment of possession. The appellant said that the 1980 Act should be read to give a court the discretion to postpone a possession order.
Held: ‘This appeal raises three questions. The first is whether a court, when entertaining a claim for possession by a private sector owner against a residential occupier, should be required to consider the proportionality of evicting the occupier, in the light of section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 and article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The second question is whether, if the answer to the first question is yes, the relevant legislation, in particular section 21(4) of the Housing Act 1988, can be read so as to comply with that conclusion. The third question is whether, if the answer to the first and second questions is yes, the trial judge would have been entitled to dismiss the claim for possession in this case, as he said he would have done.’
‘while we accept that the Strasbourg court jurisprudence relied on by the appellant does provide some support for the notion that article 8 was engaged when Judge Corrie was asked to make an order for possession against her, there is no support for the proposition that the judge could be required to consider the proportionality of the order which he would have made under the provisions of the 1980 and 1988 Acts.’


Lord Neuberger, President, Lady Hale, Deputy President, Lord Kerr, Lord Reed, Lord Carnwath


[2016] UKSC 28, [2016] HLR 28, [2016] HRLR 18, [2016] 3 WLR 45, [2016] 2 P andCR DG22, [2016] WLR(D) 312, [2017] AC 273, UKSC 2014/0234


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Housing Action 1980 89(1), Human Rights Act 1988 21(4), European Convention on Human Rights 8


England and Wales


Appeal fromMcDonald v McDonald and Another CA 24-Jul-2014
The appellant had a personality dosorder. Her parents bought a house and granted her series of assured shorthold tenancies. After they fell into rrears on the morgtgage, the bank appointed receivers. The rent then also hell into arears, and they . .
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