Mastercigars Direct Ltd v Hunters and Frankau Ltd: CA 8 Mar 2007

An allegation was made that Cuban cigars imported by the claimant infringed the trade marks of the respondents being either counterfeit or parallel imports, and were impounded. The claimant sought a declaration of non-infringement and their release, saying that the respondents had consented to the import within the Directive.
Held: The appeal succeeded. The Cuban authority had given its consent to resales within the EU: ‘HSA were prepared not only to tolerate but to allow small commercial quantities to be purchased by foreigners within Cuba for them to take out and re-sell abroad. . . this is exactly what HSA wanted – the royalty, the desire for hard currency, and the pricing in Cuba having regard not only to home market conditions but prices in export markets all confirm this. ‘
Jacob LJ ‘the public would be surprised to know (and perhaps somewhat resentful of the fact) that the law of the EEA is such that if genuine goods are available outside Europe much cheaper than they are here, traders cannot buy them and import them for sale here, unless the trade mark owner has consented. Even though the trade mark tells the truth, its use can be prevented without that consent. ‘
Chadwick LJ, Jacob LJ, Lloyd LJ
[2007] EWCA Civ 176, [2007] RPC 2
Trade Marks Directive 89/104 89/104
England and Wales
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Appeal fromMastercigars Direct Ltd v Hunters and Frankau Ltd and others ChD 10-Mar-2006
Trade mark dispute concerning the import into the UK of many well-known brands of hand-rolled Cuban cigars. . .
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The court was asked as to whether the on-line marketplace site defendant was liable for trade mark infringements by those advertising goods on the web-site.
Held: The ECJ had not yet clarified the law on accessory liability in trade mark . .

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