Markem Corporation and Another v Zipher Ltd: CA 22 Mar 2005

A patent which was applied for as a result of a breach of confidence may be capable of giving the victim of the breach the benefit of an interest in the patent. In the UK at least the basis of an entitlement claim must be a breach of the claimant’s right to the invention and that that right must stem from the operation of a rule of law (e.g. breach of contract or confidence). The court emphasised the need to construe the 1977 Act to accord with the European Directive upon which it was based: ‘we begin by what must be the rational way to approach this, whatever section is under consideration. Parts of it are intended to implement the European Patent Convention of 1972. In a peculiarly cack-handed way the draftsman chose to re-number and re-write some of these and then say, in s.130(7) in effect that his re-writing does not count – that the relevant provision is ‘so framed as to have, as nearly as practicable, the same effect in the UK as it has in the EPC’. No one has ever identified any difference in meaning between a 1977 Act provision and the meaning of a corresponding provision of the EPC and we do not suppose anyone ever will.’
There is a clear a public interest (of which the Comptroller is the guardian) in not having apparent monopolies on the register which are invalid: ‘The sooner an obviously invalid monopoly is removed, the better from the public point of view.’
A person (A) who claims to be entitled to a patent which has been granted to someone else (B) could not succeed merely by proving that he had been the inventor and B had not. Jacob LJ said that: ‘[A] must be able to show that in some way B was not entitled to apply for the patent, either at all or alone. It follows that A must invoke some other rule of law to establish his entitlement – that which gives him title, wholly or in part, to B’s application.’


Jacobs LJ


[2005] RPC 76, [2005] EWCA Civ 267




Patents Act 1977


England and Wales

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