Margaret, Agnes, Mary, Marion, and Janet Kennedies, Heirs Portioners of The Deceased Alexander Kennedy, of Glenour, Their Brother, and Their Respective Husbands for Their Interests v Alexander Macdowall, of Garthland: HL 13 Apr 1724

Writ – A bond reduced as vitiated, where after the sum the word ‘Pounds’ was written upon an erazure, and the penalty was in merks, effeiring to a fifth part of the principal if it had been merks, but not if pounds, as it stood on the bond as claimed on. This bond had been allowed, as it then stood, for a compensation in an action, between the father of the persons founding on it, and a third party, upwards of thirty years before, but was not then produced.

[1724] UKHL Robertson – 488, (1724) Robertson 488


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