Mamatkulov And Askarov v Turkey: ECHR 4 Feb 2005

Grand Chamber – while there may have been reasons for doubting whether the applicants would receive a fair trial, there was not sufficient information to show that any possible irregularities in the trial were liable to constitute a flagrant denial of justice. In para O-III14 of their joint partly dissenting opinion, to which Judge Rozakis also subscribed, Judges Bratza, Bonello and Hedigan said that in their view the word ‘flagrant’ was intended to convey a breach of the principles of fair trial guaranteed by article 6 which was so fundamental as to amount to a nullification, or destruction of the very essence, of the right guaranteed by the article.


46951/99, [2005] ECHR 64, 46827/99




European Convention on Human Rights 6


Human Rights

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Human Rights

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