MacDonald and Another v Carnbroe Estates Ltd: SC 4 Dec 2019

‘This appeal concerns the Scots law of gratuitous alienations on insolvency. It raises three principal questions. First, there is a question as to the interpretation of the term ‘adequate consideration’ in section 242(4)(b) of the Insolvency Act 1986. Secondly, there is the question whether the Inner House was entitled to interfere with the Lord Ordinary’s evaluation that the consideration given by Carnbroe Estates Ltd (‘Carnbroe’) amounted to adequate consideration under that statutory provision. Thirdly, a question arose during the hearing as to the interpretation of the words in section 242(4) that empower the court to grant a remedy. The court invited and received written submissions from counsel for both parties. The question is whether the court has any discretion as to the remedy it may give.’
Held: There was an absence of agreement on the facts, and: ‘it is necessary to afford the First Division an opportunity to consider whether it is appropriate in the circumstances of this case to qualify the remedy of reduction which it has given to take account of all or part of the consideration which Carnbroe gave for the purchase, for example by requiring the liquidators to pay a specified sum to Carnbroe as a condition of the reduction.’


Lord Reed, Deputy President, Lord Wilson, Lord Hodge, Lord Briggs, Lord Sales


[2019] UKSC 57


Bailii, Bailii Summary


Insolvency Act 1986 242(4)(b)




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